How does mobile commerce help financial inclusion?

Wednesday Jun 29, 2011

Vast majority of people in the village do not have access to withdraw or deposit money easily. It is these people that have to be touched and given an access to financial services. Mobile phones today outnumber bank ATM machines and bank branches. It is one such eco-system that encompasses almost everyone today.

The eco-system established by mobile phone is all inclusive, distribution network created can become a point of service that can provide financial services and act like a bank branches. All the agents in the MNO network can become an easy access points that will offer financial services at a much lower cost. Looking at existing banking practices a mobile phone transaction is more than 70% lessexpensive than a banking transaction.

This enables systems to provide services to the BPL (Below Poverty Line) consumers without letting go of business profitability.

mComm Tutorial
How are international remittances done over the mobile phone?

In 2008, according to World Bank estimates, migrant workers in developed countries transferred funds amounting to USD 400 billion back home to their friends and families. An equal if not larger amount is believed to have changed hands via unauthorized remittance channels like Hawala or Hundi systems. The sheer size of the market creates opportunities […]