Utiba, through its affiliate Utiba Americas, offers the robust and flexible Utiba Mobility mobile financial services platform as a Software as a Service (SaaS) in the Americas and the Caribbean region.

Utiba Americas provides customers with the comprehensive, integrated Utiba platform, capable of offering a full suite of wholesale, retail, pre-paid and post-paid services, on a per transaction or revenue share basis. This allows customers to lower their initial capital expenditures and ongoing operational expenses, and to concentrate their efforts and capital on creating a compelling value proposition, integrating players into the mobile commerce ecosystem, and building out the agent, or cash in/ cash out, network.

End User Services
- Top Up (electronic recharge)
- Person to Person Value Transfer
- Loyalty and Retention Point Systems
- International & Domestic Money Remittance
- Microfinance and Microloans
- Mobile Merchant (bill payment/ credit card processing)
- Mobile Collection Logistics
- Mobile Recharge of Prepaid Services (Utilities, etc.)

Client Services
- 99.999% Availability
- 24/7 Monitoring
- Levels 1, 2, & 3 Support
- Detailed Billing Reports

mComm Tutorial
What all applications and services can be enabled by a mobile commerce transaction system?

mCommerce services can be divided into the following categories: Prepaid Airtime Transactions Voucher-less airtime distribution Digital content retailing Peer-to-Peer airtime sharing Mobile wallet transactions Peer-to-Peer payments Retail payments Funds Transfers International remittances Bill payments Travel ticketing Movie/concert ticketing Government payments like taxes, tolls etc. Donations Mobile banking Branchless banking Loan disbursement and repayment Banking informational […]